CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is currently one of the most requested therapeutic approaches. It is a practical approach in which the therapist helps the client understand the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and beliefs—and the effect these have on our behavior patterns and actions. Using CBT, the client learns that their perceptions directly affect their reactions to certain conditions and circumstances and that this thought process is at the root of their behavior.

Treatment focuses on thought patterns that are causing the most distress and also on developing more realistic interpretations of life events. CBT is a problem-focused and action-oriented therapy and is therefore a short-term and brief approach. CBT is an effective evidence-based treatment for anxiety and depressive disorders. Sessions are typically focused on a very specific problem instead of a broad range of issues. CBT’s focus on thoughts and beliefs is applicable to a wide variety of symptoms. If you are interested in learning more about cognitive behavioral therapy and techniques associated with it, please contact our intake coordinator. Our counselors are trained in CBT and want to help you with whatever challenges you are facing.

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