Women’s Issues

Now more than ever, women are faced with a unique set of challenges. Many of the issues that women struggle with stem from societal pressures and the desire to “perfectly” balance the many different roles that life demands. Some common issues women may face are body image, work/life balance, transitions with pregnancy, postpartum, and relationship struggles. If you can identify with any of these, we’re here to help. Click on one of our pages below to learn more.

Family Growth & Pregnancy

Preparing for the growth of your family is a truly exciting adventure. From difficulties with conception, complications in pregnancies, miscarriages and complex births, there is a tremendous amount to manage and a constant string of decisions. Transitioning from one stage to the next can be complicated.

Postpartum Depression

The year after the birth is a critical time not only for an infant, but also for a mother. Postpartum depression can occur anytime within the first year after delivery, and after any delivery - not just the first.

Pregnancy Loss & Infertility

Losing a baby through miscarriage, elective termination, stillbirth, childbirth, after a NICU stay, SIDS, or any other time is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult experiences that a parent will ever endure.