Staci Pfeiffer

Staci Pfeiffer

Are you feeling Stressed out, Anxious or Depressed? Are you having trouble getting along with the people you care about most? Perhaps you are experiencing consequences from your alcohol or other drug use and either want help or are being told you need help? I have found that most of my clients can relate to one or more of these questions.

I predominantly work with young individuals, ages 16-40, but also work with adults outside this age range, and specialize in three main areas: 1) treating individuals who are struggling with problematic symptoms of Stress, Anxiety or Depression 2) teaching clients how to manage difficult relationships with loved ones, family, friends, and co-workers and 3) assisting clients in assessing and managing their relationship with alcohol and other drugs.

Simply put, I help people learn to balance and effectively manage their lives. I am dedicated to the physical and mental well-being of my clients and feel that a holistic approach is most therapeutic. This means that I consider all aspects of a person's mental, physical, and spiritual life when determining how to help them relieve their distress. For example, I will not only want to gather a detailed personal and family history; I will also want to know how well you are sleeping, studying, eating, exercising, working, playing, praying etc. Your treatment plan, including number of sessions and techniques used, will be developed with your collaboration and based on your unique goals and individual needs.

My Experience

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and the Founding Director of The Banyan Tree Center. I have been working with individuals just like you, with similar concerns in a variety of settings for several years. I came to this work with a full history of personal and professional experiences that I draw on daily. Before opening the Banyan Tree, I was a High School Counselor for six years in Walton County. I also worked as a substance abuse counselor in a local community mental health agency. I taught Life Skills to middle school students for two years in Atlanta and worked as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant in Atlanta and Athens for a combination of seven years.

My Education

It is my belief that continuing education and personal development for those in the field of counseling and psychology is critical. As such, in addition to my Masters Degree in Professional Counseling, Doctoral coursework and supervised clinical training as a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have pursued additional understanding, training, and/or certification in the following areas:

Anxiety & Panic Disorders
Traumatic Grief
Trauma & PTSD
Substance Misuse & Addictions
Yoga & Meditation
Small Business Development

What to Expect from Me

I am available for individual counseling, counselor supervision, and clinical evaluations by appointment Monday through Thursday. I also conduct small and large group presentations, workshops and trainings on and off-site as a service to the community. Please contact our intake coordinator via the Contact Us page to schedule an appointment with me or to book a speaking engagement.