Therapists Committed to Health and Well-Being

We are an integrative counseling & wellness facility staffed with highly skilled therapists that are committed to a holistic approach to health and well-being. We offer counseling & psychotherapy as well as other complimentary services to heal and develop the mind and body. Our mission is to provide professional, integrative and comprehensive services through like minded therapists that address the individual needs of each person and family we serve. Our work is grounded in well-researched treatment approaches that promote effective change and personal development. We strive to help our clients develop the skills, strategies and behaviors necessary for success in today's ever changing society.

Our goal is to provide the most effective therapeutic experience available to you in an environment that is inviting and comfortable. It is our belief that the therapeutic relationship is the most important aspect of therapy and for this reason we carefully match each client with a therapist and service that is best suited to meet your individual needs. Located in Athens, Georgia, our staff is comprised of highly trained mental and physical health professionals and therapists. We have a strong reputation for consistently providing a high degree of quality care and service. We believe that focusing on the whole person is the most effective way to produce lasting change. Therefore, we strive to provide a comprehensive selection of professional services in one convenient location. If you or someone you love could benefit from one of our services or a consultation with a therapist, please give us a call. Our intake coordinator is available to answer questions and assist you in the process of selecting the most appropriate counselor to meet your specific needs. 


We have selected the most trustworthy and skilled counselors in the Athens area to meet the needs of our clients.


We are primarily a private pay facility; however we will work with insurance companies as out of network providers.


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