General Counseling 

We provide individual and group counseling services designed to address the unique concerns our clients are facing. It is our intention to meet clients where they are and work towards mutually established goals for the purpose of assisting them in the process of personal growth and development.

Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Anxiety is one of the most common public health problems we are seeing in medicine today. In fact, it is the most common concern we treat at The Banyan Tree. 

Depression & Bipolar Disorder

Loss of Interest. Sadness. Hopelessness. Feelings of Worthlessness. Change in Sleep Patterns. Change in Eating Patterns. Decreased Concentration. Lack of Energy

Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma is a specific type of traumatic experience that includes sexual coercion, rape, incest, or any talk or touch of a sexual nature that does not feel good to you.

Body Image & Sexuality

At its core, body image refers to the relationship we have with our body. It is comprised of the thoughts and feelings we have in reference to our body. 

Difficult Relationships

Relationships. Connections. Friends. Acquaintances. Colleges. Co-Workers. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Employers. Employees. Vendors. Clients. Husbands. Wives. Supervisors.

Traumatic Grief & Loss

When exploring the definition of grief, it is often easier to talk about what grief is not rather than what it is. We know that grieving is not a clean cut, predictable, experience with defined stages, clean borders, and a linear storyline with set solutions.

Career Counseling

Are you looking to change your life? Is your job unsatisfying? You may be a new graduate, or going through a hard time due to changes in the economy or be considering a career change.

Sexuality & LGBTQ

Are you feeling stressed out, sad, or alone in your sexuality? Do you need some support creating the life and relationships you desire?

Trauma & PTSD

Psychological trauma is any event that causes you to feel highly overwhelmed or helpless. Trauma often results in stress-related medical conditions, flashbacks, nightmares, and feeling easily frightened or overwhelmed.