Tyler Vance

Tyler Vance

I’m a person in long term recovery. What that means to me is that I have been substance free since July 13th, 2016. My previous battles with depression, anxiety, and self-medicating turned substance use disorder gave me a perspective that has motivated a purpose within the counseling field. If you’re experiencing self-image issues, low energy, fear of people, persistent anxiety, unmanageable stress, problems with others, or your own battles with substance use, depression, or anxiety, I can help.

I believe the you must own your story, otherwise your story will own you. We will own it by looking at your past and reframing it into a more positivist perspective. We can turn it from a liability into an advantage. The therapeutic relationship is a priority and ideally, we will become a collaborative team. I will use narrative and CBT technique to help us identify root causes and conditions. I believe the best thing in life is to be happy, with a peaceful mind and a joyous heart. This will be our goal. My personal goal, will be to help unlock the parts that you already have, so you can move towards this potential.

My Education & Experience

I graduated from The University of Georgia in 2016 with bachelors’ in psychology and philosophy. Not wanting to commit to more schooling before gaining practical experience, I quickly entered the workforce. Over the next year and a half I worked between two local drug & alcohol treatment programs: Acceptance Recovery Center & The Recovery Center. I performed a variety of functions for these organizations including recovery coaching and facilitating groups focused on anger management, processing, peer recovery, and MRT. I graduated in May of 2021 with my Master's of Counseling.  While I have been seeing clients continuously at Banyan Tree, I was also the program manager of UGA's Collegiate Recovery Community; however, I left that to return full time here. 

What to Expect from Me

I believe honesty is essential for the work and is a two-way street. If the client is to be honest so is the counselor. This means that sometimes I may say things that you may not want to hear; however, if this occurs, it is strictly coming from a desire to be of maximum helpfulness to your journey. You are the authority of yourself, and while I may give my perspective or thoughts, ultimately what you say goes. I am currently available for individual sessions. Sessions are typically one hour long. I look forward to working with you!