Shelby Lynn

Shelby Lynn

Are you anxious about figuring out who you are or overwhelmed with thoughts about the future? Do you struggle with relationships with others and with yourself? Have you ever struggled with your relationship with food or with the way you look? If you can relate to any of these questions you are not alone and would fit in with other clients I help.

I predominately work with high school and college students but see clients from the ages 13 to 60. With most clients our focus is on the areas of controlling anxious thoughts and discovering who they are, working through difficult relationships, and overcoming their struggle with body image or with their relationship with food.

My main goal with therapy is to help each client to feel empowered in their life and in their body. I believe that all aspects of your life are important when assessing your mental health. With this in mind I will take into account many aspects from your life including thoughts and behaviors, daily habits, outside relationships and factors, and spiritual components. I believe each client is unique and want to work with each client to create an individual treatment plan. I use a variety of therapy techniques and modalities to help each client reach their goals.

My Experience:

I am an Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. In the years I have been a counselor I have worked in a hospital setting as well as in private practice. I also have experience working with youth groups in Northeast Georgia and in Tennessee. I was drawn to the field of counseling because of this work with youth groups and seeing the struggles that teens and young adults face when discovering who they are and learning to love themselves. As I worked in a private practice setting post-grad I realized the passion I had for helping individuals who struggle with body image and disordered eating concerns.

My Education:

I hold a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and I am currently working towards my Certification as an Eating Disorder Specialist. I believe that continuing education is vital to my ability to be an effective counselor. I am consistently pursuing additional training and continuing education in anxiety disorders, eating disorders, body image, couples/relationship counseling, and women’s and LGBTQ+ issues.

What to Expect From Me:

I believe the therapeutic relationship is the most important aspect in effective therapy. My goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment where you are able to fully be yourself. I believe that you are the expert in your life and I want to help you accomplish your goals by providing support, encouragement, education, resources, and skills. I provide individual, couples, and group therapy. I am available for in person as well as telehealth sessions Monday - Thursday. I look forward to working with you!