Andy Simon

Andy Simon

As your counselor, my hope is that you can fire me sooner rather than later. Really? Yes, I chose a profession where client satisfaction means ending our relationship and terminating services. My goal is that once you leave therapy, you are equipped to handle your own problems and no longer need my assistance. When this happens, I’ve done my job! However long that takes, I’m here with you, working as hard as you are to help you achieve your goals. I consider this a lifelong relationship (as long as you want it to be) and will always be here when life happens. While the initial treatment phase may only last a finite amount of time, once the relationship is built, it is easier for me to assist when things come up in the future. Counseling works when clients find a counselor whom they believe is empathetic, genuine and has their best interest at heart. Progress happens when the relationship is consistent, the client is willing to work to achieve their goals and remains hopeful about the future. Setbacks will come, but how we respond to them is what matters most. I am open to working with most populations, but if you are a couple in the midst of a relationship crisis (whether large or small) or a male age 15+, I believe I am especially equipped to help you in your journey.

My Experience

As a previous manager of people in a high stress environment, I know the importance of finding and implementing solutions that work quickly. On the other hand, I also learned the need to build strong relationships with my team in order to each reach their full potential. This desire to help my team grow as individuals led me to counseling. A busy, retail setting does not provide the ideal environment for me to do what I was most interested in doing, learning about the person, what motivated them and how I could best help. Noticing that these conversations were happening frequently, and that I had a desire to help more than I was able to in that setting, led me to pursue counseling as a profession. As a counseling intern over the past year, I worked with clients aged 7-51, including couples, with a variety of concerns including relationship conflicts, addiction, anxiety/panic, depression, social anxiety, ADHD and adjustment disorders.

My Education

Both of my undergraduate degrees are from the University of Georgia (History and Social Studies Education). My Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is from Liberty University. I recently graduated in May 2023 and am pursuing licensure as an Licensed Associate Professional Counselor in Georgia. While I am a recent graduate, I believe that learning is a lifelong journey and will be pursuing additional certifications as part of my transition to a licensed professional.

What to Expect

You may be looking for something to change quickly in your life. I want to help you focus on your goals and how to enact change that begins now and evolves to fit your needs. And they are your goals. You may have heard it said that anything worth having in life takes hard work to get, and your goals in counseling are the same. But that thing you want help with, whether it be a relationship, managing stress or simply your own well-being is worth fighting for, isn’t it? I want to instill hope into all aspects of your journey, focusing on what is working well and a plan to target what isn’t. Finding the root cause of your concern, I want to help you learn how to think and act differently to change your course moving forward. With this belief that change happens while focusing on the positive, creating a plan to move forward and building behaviors, I utilize a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach while integrating Solution Focused Brief Therapy concepts when possible. On the other hand, because I believe counseling needs to be person-centered, I treat each client uniquely, allowing you to plot your own course in treatment. If your concern is relational in nature, I believe that Family Systems Theory and Attachment Theories provide solutions to help you resolve conflict and improve communication.I am available for individual, couples and family counseling by appointment M-Fri. I have evening availability for those who need sessions after work. I look forward to working with you!