Pre-Marital Counseling

Choosing engagement and marriage is an important and exciting step in a couple’s relationship and our marriage counselors want to support you in the process! We see couples that are getting married for the first time as well as those where one or both partners is divorced or widowed. There are actually a number of reasons that couples seek pre-marital counseling and find it beneficial:

  • Your place of worship or officiant may simply require it as part of the process. This is a common situation and we have a short, exciting and effective curriculum we use called Prepare/Enrich. A certificate is issued upon completion.

  • You and your partner are in love and excited about the future but want to learn more effective ways of communicating. We can’t recommend this enough! Pre-marital counseling is a fun, educational and enriching process.

  • Weddings can be stressful and many couples want support as they navigate the various decisions, personalities and finances that are involved. Having a great counselor to walk with you through this period in your life can be more beneficial than having a wedding planner!

  • You may be blending families together and want guidance on the delicate process of step-parenting and multiple family integration. We believe couples can re-marry successfully and that blending families in a happy and harmonious way is possible. Starting this process before you head down the aisle can be hugely beneficial to you and your entire family!

Pre-marital counseling can be a wonderful enriching experience for your relationship, creating a strong foundation for the life you are about to build together. At the Banyan Tree Center we help couples create the relationships they want! Call today to get set up with one of our pre-marital specialist. 


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