Postpartum Depression

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You could not wait to be a mother, but you are not loving motherhood as much as you envisioned... You love your baby, but sometimes it’s difficult to hear and respond to its cry... You are grateful for your growing family, but you don’t feel fulfilled... You see other mothers embracing their role, but you are having a hard time attaching to your child... You strive to balance all your obligations, but you have a hard time completing any task... You want to enjoy this time in life, but you cannot seem to enjoy yourself... You may be suffering from postpartum depression and need professional postpartum depression treatment.

The year after the birth is a critical time not only for an infant, but also for a mother. Postpartum depression can occur anytime within the first year after any delivery - not just the first. Motherhood is tough, and the early months after a baby is born can be very isolating. Postpartum depression causes further isolation and makes the demands of motherhood feel unbearable.

There is hope. You can be the mother you desire to be. The Banyan Tree Center has professional counselors specially trained to help women with postpartum depression. Our expert postpartum depression treatment works through the emotions so that they can be the mothers they desire to be. You don’t have to let your dream of motherhood be deterred by bouts of insecurities or postpartum depression any longer.

We understand the challenges and demands of being a mother. For this reason, in addition to traditional sessions in the office, we also offer confidential online video sessions and home visits upon request. Call the Banyan Tree Center today if you are seeking professional postpartum depression treatment.