Kimberly Austin

Do you feel stuck in areas of your life or repeating patterns that keep showing up? Are there times when you simply do not feel good enough or that things have to be perfect? Many times we may be dealing with a number of issues that can affect our motivation or level of satisfaction. You may be having a difficult life situation within a relationship or at work that may leave you feeling frustrated, angry or just depressed.

If any of these issues apply to you, I would like to help. My focus is to assist individuals just like you to have support in a safe environment without judgment, explore emotions and gain the awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that may be negatively affecting you. By understanding limiting thoughts and beliefs, an individual can be empowered to make decisions towards a balanced life. I am certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy and can assist to release emotional or physical traumas with gentle methods that do not re-traumatize. I enjoy working with clients to help them gain greater clarity in the areas of their life that have not been working and where they would like to see change. I also work to improve self-worth and find the things that spark interest, connection and passion that will help to create more happiness.

I am open to all populations and enjoy working with adults or adolescents who may be dealing with symptoms of sadness, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, anger, addiction, grief or just feeling stuck and have been unable to move forward.

In a counseling setting my main focus is to fully understand from the clients point of view what they are currently experiencing and what has shaped their life up to this point. I strive to create a therapeutic relationship that is based on a genuine connection, empathy, trust, respect and understanding in order to lend support towards positive change and empowerment in a person's life.

My Experience:

I am open-minded, with a positive outlook on life and understand diversity which allows me to be able to connect with clients dealing with unique issues and backgrounds. I understand that life can be challenging in many different situations from work, family, relationships, health and money and I am here to support a client to make the changes they want to see to help create balance, peace and joy in their life.

My Education:

I graduated from Georgia College & State University with a BA in Business Administration and hold a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University. My focus will be to work as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). During my masters program, I was particularly interested in creating an integrative design to treat those with eating disorders. I am currently certified as a practitioner in Rapid Trauma Resolution Therapy that gently eliminates the ongoing influence from troubling past events.

What to Expect from Me:

I am available for individual counseling Monday thru Fridays and Saturday mornings by appointment. Please contact the Banyan Tree Center office at 706-850-7041 in order to set up an appointment to meet with me.