Kate Agel

If you are seeking counseling, you may have noticed patterns in your life keeping you from the direction you would like to go. These patterns could include constant judgments of yourself and others; lashing out even at those to whom you are close; shutting down when things get hard-- any number of behaviors that may have at one point felt protective, but which you have noticed over time do not seem to provide positive results in your life. You may find yourself wondering if your experience is “normal,” or you may think “I know what I’m supposed to think, feel, and do, but can’t seem to actually do it.”

I’m here as a support to help guide you towards a meaningful shift in your life and to help you make those changes that, up until this point, felt impossible. Together, we can explore new ways to change what no longer serves you, and to recognize and accept the things that can. I have a genuine compassion for your story and offer non-judgmental but challenging insight to explore the ways your story could change for the better. Based on your interest and comfort-level, I often incorporate mindfulness-based interventions, movement, art therapy, and experiential techniques. Our overarching goal in therapy will be to support greater self-awareness, to integrate a non-judgmental experience of thoughts and emotions, and to establish a felt sense of safety and peace in the body, mind, and spirit. I value transparency and authentic connection, and am always more than happy to discuss what works and what does not along the way, creatively adjusting as needed to offer a more meaningful and personal therapeutic experience.

My focus is on helping adolescents and adults of all age-ranges, backgrounds, and experiences to access a place of empowered, centered, and authentic self. I strive to create safe spaces for people in oppressed groups, and will always work to stay mindful of the fact that your cultural, ethnic, and racial identities, spiritual identity, sexual orientation, and/or gender orientation may mean that your experience of the world is different from mine and different from other clients with whom I have worked. I am devoted to gaining more understanding in areas in which I lack understanding, and always work to view my clients through a multi-cultural lens.

My Experience:

I have committed myself to learning all that I can in a wide range of settings, and with a wide range of people. After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Georgia, I worked as a staff member in a residential psychiatric facility for youth, and then as a Child Advocate and Forensic Interviewer for cases involving abuse and neglect. I then returned to Georgia State University to pursue a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

During my graduate program, I offered group and individual therapy as a counseling intern in a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Counseling and Advocacy center. After graduating, I worked as a Clinician in a holistic outpatient psychiatric clinic.

What to Expect from Me:

You have taken a huge step towards healing by even considering counseling, whether it is your first time, or you have tried therapy many times in the past. I want to make this experience positive, transparent, and collaborative. I am open to seeing any client over the age of twelve, and have availability Monday-Friday, with morning, afternoon, and evening hours. My sessions typically last about an hour, unless otherwise discussed. To schedule an appointment call (706) 850-7041.