Divorce Recovery

Divorce is, more often than not, an emotionally traumatic event for not only the individuals who were married but also for the children, friends and family members of the couple. Seeking counseling is often a normal and very beneficial step in the process. We offer divorce counseling on both an individual basis and with couples to manage the difficult mental, physical and financial processes of uncoupling.

Couples going through a divorce often report feelings of anger, guilt, depression, fear and anxiety. Working with a counselor can provide an objective and rational perspective as well as give you a foundation of skills needed in navigating the immensely difficult process of divorce. Individuals and couples who participate in counseling during this time benefit from learning more about themselves and are more able to see the life transition as an opportunity for growth and personal development.

If you think you might benefit from talking with one of our counselors who specialize in divorce and divorce adjustment, please give our intake coordinator a call today. We offer comprehensive services to help you and your family make necessary decisions, recover and move forward. 


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