CRAFT Therapy

Community reinforcement and family training (CRAFT) is a behavior therapy approach for treating substance abuse. It relies on non-confrontational methods to encourage loved ones to enter addiction treatment. CRAFT is designed to help family members of substance abusers feel empowered to engage in treatment for themselves and has even helped family members get their loved ones into treatment. CRAFT is one of the only family-aimed treatments with proven results for getting people with drug or alcohol problems into treatment. The program uses a variety of interventions based on functional assessment including a module to prevent domestic violence. Partners are trained to use positive reinforcement, various communication skills and natural consequences.

The CRAFT goals are to teach you how to encourage your substance user to reduce use and enter treatment, and to help you enhance your own quality of life. This non-confrontational approach teaches you how to figure out the best times and strategies to make small but powerful changes in a fashion that reduces relationship conflict.

Experts have based CRAFT on solid science. People from many walks of life have used it successfully to help their loved ones and themselves. Whether you are the parent, spouse, romantic partner, adult child or friend of the substance user, research tells us that you too can succeed with this program. The methods are effective and easy to learn. CRAFT allows family members to feel good about their efforts on behalf of their loved ones. 


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