Body Image & Sexuality

At its core, body image refers to the relationship we have with our body. It is comprised of the thoughts and feelings we have in reference to our body. The way we see our body. Interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with truth. Body image is something that changes often and is based more on feeling than fact. Because it is based on emotion, body image is vulnerable to distortion. Messages from the media, advertising, and those around us can have a negative impact on the way that we see ourselves.

Counseling is a great place to discuss struggles with body image. In an environment without judgment or blame, these issues can be talked about as openly and freely as you would like. Having a confidential place to talk about your body image can be liberating and help you gain clarity for your future. Our counselors are trained to work with you on your specific needs.

If you think we can help with body image issues that you have been struggling with, please contact our intake coordinator today. We will be happy to discuss the best process and approach for your particular situation.


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