Here are some tips to help families deal with the economic stresses.

  • Focus on appreciating each family member and sharing that appreciation in some way every day. (Taking these opportunities instills the belief that a persons self worth is not attached to their economic worth)

  • Provide the Family with structure and routine; revisit old family traditions and create new ones. (This will instill a sense of stability)

  • Emphasize Family Communication

  • Talk about the effects the economy is having on your family and involve family members in making decisions about how to handle the changes. Allow everyone to brainstorm together.

  • Focus also on the effects the economy is having on our community, our country and the global economy. How can your family help others who are being impacted?

  • Create gratitude activities as a family that shift the focus from what we don't have to what we do have.

  • Allow children to take ownership in helping out with household tasks. (this will reduce parent stress and allow the children to feel a sense of autonomy).

  • Emphasize the importance of Self -Care. (We tend to abandon basic self-care principles in times of distress. As parents it is important to model self-care through eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep and prioritizing recreation.

  • Create regular times for Family Fun & Recreation: play games, have discussions, prepare special meals together etc.

  • Build a support network with relatives, friends, and neighbors to expand your resources.

  • Take this opportunity to discover new community resources and activities.

  • Become informed about what you can do to be more economically responsible and get help where needed. (perhaps include some community resources here)

Author: Staci Pfeiffer