The laid back feeling of summer may be fading but the energy of the fall can be invigorating.

As August rolls in I find myself reflecting on how quickly the seasons come and go. It seems like the 1st of March was just yesterday when the air was frigid and snow was covering the ground. I can remember that as the snow melted and the cold hung on I became eager for spring, which quickly passed bringing us to summer. Now here we are in the last few weeks of the season that we so eagerly awaited. Other than Christmas, summer seems to be the most anticipated time of year. Everyone discusses where they will go for vacation, what they will do, and who they will visit. Thoughts of the water, beach lines, seafood and lazy summer nights quickly come to mind and spark conversation.

The sounds of crickets on a warm summer night, the smell of fresh cut grass or the feel of the sunlight on our skin…these are all powerful sensations that evoke pleasant memories for many. Perhaps my favorite part of summer is the evening once the sun has set… the crickets and frogs come out to play their music and I often gather with family and friends to enjoy outdoor rooms where lights have been strung in the trees and there is ample space for everyone to sit together taking in the light of the moon and each others cooking and casual company. These are the moments of summer that I cherish and find myself wanting to hold on to. They feel perfect and I am inclined to want to not let the moments go. I think we all have these moments…these perfect parts of summer that we don’t want to let fade away.

And then we realize it is already August. School is starting back within days and that seems to impact everything regardless of your age. The roads will have more traffic, the restaurants will be more crowded and the stores will have longer lines. Even the atmosphere of our workplaces will become less relaxed as people return from vacations and get back to business as usual. You can almost hear the hustle and bustle of the next season coming in like a train. The relentless scheduling of all life’s events begins again as we struggle to settle back into a routine.

So what do we do as the dread arises in the pit of our stomach and threatens to steal the joy of our last few days of summer? We have two choices, really. We can fight the passing of the season or we can embrace it and welcome all that the next season has to offer. I am reminded of a favorite poem by William Blake:

He who binds himself to a joy,
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies,
Lives in eternity’s sunrise.
-William Blake

The laid back feeling of summer may be fading but the energy of the fall can be invigorating. As you savor the end of summer appreciating all the joy it has brought you, welcome the energy of September. Allow this to be an opportunity to practice letting go. Friends and family will gather for sporting events and the food will take on a new flavor. This is an excellent time to pour yourself into the last quarter of the year at work or to gain motivation for a new project. As it turns out, each ending promises a new beginning. What will your new beginning be?

Author: Staci Pfeiffer