Blended Families

Homes where two married people are the biological parents of all of the children in the house are becoming more and more rare. As divorce impacts more marriages than not, step-families or “blended families” are becoming increasingly common, causing new family challenges to arise.

Children may struggle with the multitude of conflicting emotions they feel toward their new family members as well as their biological parents and siblings. Parents are often at a loss for how to make things work and unfortunately developing an amicable relationship with the “other” parent can be a significant struggle as well. Accommodating so many different preferences, schedules and legalities can be overwhelming.

Counseling is one of the most effective ways to address these challenges. In the best of circumstances, the counseling would begin as soon as a new family is being formed. However, counseling will be beneficial no matter when your family was started. We have begun working with families in all stages from the engagement phase to years after a union has been formed.

If you would like to learn more about how our counselors can help your family, please contact our intake coordinator today. Our clinicians’ have specific training in this area and are looking forward to getting your family moving forward in a healthy and beneficial direction. 


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