Assessments & Consultations

We provide a variety of services to address substance misuse, dependency and addiction. Many of our clients seek treatment from a voluntary standpoint, and still more are mandated as a result of a DUI, MIP or a Possession Charge. We conduct detailed substance abuse assessments and DBHDD Approved Clinical Evaluations as well as offer state-approved ASAM Level I Outpatient Treatment in the form of individual and group therapy.

Whether you are experiencing personal distress or have suffered an arrest related to your alcohol or other drug use, we can help you take the first steps toward resolution. We believe each client is unique and needs to be individually assessed to determine their specific treatment needs. Therefore, our first step in determining how to help you and making recommendations is conducting an alcohol & drug assessment, or what some call a “clinical evaluation,” we see this step as the consultation phase of treatment.

A Recovery Café Consultation is conducted by one of our Directors or Senior Addiction staff members and consists of a one-on-one clinical interview. Assessment instruments may also be used if deemed appropriate by the clinician. The process generally takes between 60-90 minutes. In addition, an alcohol and drug screen may be given if indicated or requested. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the specific methods, intensity, frequency and types of services that are recommended for the client.

What levels of Treatment do you recommend?

We recommend treatment based on the ASAM guidelines. Therefore one of the following Levels of Care will be recommended in your consultation session:

Level .05, Level I, Level II, or Level III

How do you determine what to recommend?

The counselor’s treatment recommendations are not only based on how the intensity and duration of treatment will influence the resolution of the dysfunctional use, but also how it will positively alter the prognosis for a long-term outcome. We will recommend what we believe is not only behaviorally and medically necessary, but also physically and financially possible based on the results of the consultation session. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” treatment, which is why we believe treatment recommendations need to be made with the client.

Do you offer all ASAM Levels of Care?

We are an outpatient private practice and therefore do not offer all ASAM Levels of care. We provide ASAM Level .05 and ASAM Level I. When a higher level of care is determined to be appropriate during a consultation, we make recommendations to appropriate facilities and help our clients explore and evaluate their options. 


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