Ashley McNair

At times, the stress in our life can seem to snowball, and it becomes difficult to be “okay” in the midst of all the chaos. If this is the case for you, you might be feeling alone, struggling with knowing where to start, and feeling completely overwhelmed by taking even the smallest steps forward. I believe that no one should be alone in working through challenging life transitions. Sometimes, it is especially helpful to have an unbiased and compassionate professional to begin managing that which has been feeling unmanageable. 

My approach to counseling is direct and challenging each session, yet non-judgmental and relationship-focused. I believe everyone’s needs are different, and I want to connect with you in your unique struggle. As a counselor, I will work alongside you and as hard as you are working, holding you accountable to your own goals. At the same time, I think compassion and sense of humor are extremely important, even in the face of the most difficult situations. I hold a deep belief that you are the expert on your life, and that you know your own answers—but so many of us don’t even know what questions to start asking without a little guidance and support!

The clients I have worked with have found me to be helpful in identifying the challenges they face, and asking the difficult questions that need to be asked to find some resolution. If you decide to begin your counseling process with me, my hope is that you would leave my office feeling fully supported, able to articulate your own emotions, and with a better idea of how to manage or improve difficult relationships. I can act as a support as you move towards feeling whole and more in charge of your own life. I would honored to be with you on your path towards the best version of yourself.

I work most often with adults coping with anxiety and depression, older adolescents and college students, couples seeking positive change in their relationships, or people facing the end of a romantic partnership. I have experience in supporting clients with substance misuse, and am passionate about helping clients facing grief, as well as adults re-establishing boundaries in their families of origin. I view all my clients through a multicultural lens, and so always like to talk directly about how our identity and backgrounds may impact ongoing struggles and relationships. I take a person-centered approach to therapy, and pull from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and some solution-focused therapies to help you achieve your personal goals and learn new skills.

My Education:

I attained an MSW with a Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Georgia in 2017, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Georgia College and State University in 2010. I have prior experience working for the Department of Family and Children Services in Bibb County. I participate in ongoing supervision and training with Staci Pfeiffer, Ed. S., LPC, CP-RRT and am under the supervision of Timothy Sweatman, LCSW.

What to Expect from Me:

I am available to meet for Individual, Couples, and Family sessions. Typical sessions are an hour long. You can schedule an appointment with me by calling the office at Banyan Tree Center at (706) 850-7041.