Sam Martin
Graduate Student Counselor

Sam Martin

Have you had trouble explaining exactly how you feel? Like no matter what you say your emotions cannot be put into words? Do you feel stressed out by life or unsure of what to do next?

As a recent college graduate I understand all of these emotions and I hope to work with you to help you help yourself. I enjoy the process of getting to know clients through their identities and interests and I will always try to learn with you throughout this experience. I have interests in working with clients of all ages who are dealing with a variety of topics such as anxiety, grief, relationship issues and so on. 

My Education and Experience

I am a graduate of The University of Georgia with my bachelors in social work and am continuing my education to obtain my masters in social work. My concentration is individual based with a focus on counseling techniques for a variety of areas such as substance abuse treatment and emotional distress.

 I have experience working with children and adolescents who have been exposed to trauma through my work with nonprofit organizations and I recently worked with older adults in hospice and bereavement. 

What to Expect From Me

My approach to counseling is rooted in social work values and putting you in the driver seat of your own life. I will always respect you as your own person and aim to assist you in achieving your goals. You can count on me to be focused and empathetic to your emotions and experiences and I will continue to show up for you, even if you cannot always show up for yourself. Available for sessions Wednesday through Friday please contact our office to make an appointment.