Nicholas Johnson
Graduate Student Counselor

Nicholas Johnson

Life nowadays is full of the unexpected. However, sometimes these problems may be a bit more difficult for us to handle than we anticipated. Have you ever felt that your anxiety and depression were growing out of hand? Or perhaps that things like your stress and other issues were beginning to reach the boiling point? If any of these experiences sound familiar and you’d like a change of pace, then I’m here to assist you in your journey!


As a therapist, it is my goal to ensure that my clients have the skills they need to navigate life, in addition to having a space for them to talk openly about their feelings and experiences. The things that you experience may wear you down, and even break you at times, but there is always a way to heal from these pains. Within you is the ability and potential to overcome these challenges, and I would be more than happy to help you achieve this.



My Experience & Education

 I received my Bachelor of Social Work from theUniversity of Georgia and my certification as an alcohol and drug counselor in the state of Georgia. I have worked as both an educator/group facilitator in psychiatric care settings, and as a substance use counselor prior to pursuing my MSW at UGA. My experience in these areas has taught me much, including how to help people navigate difficult life circumstances, being empathetic and understanding, managing mental health, and guiding others towards their goals and other desires. During my time in these fields, I have assisted both young and older adults in finding relief from their problems and stresses. My experience allows me to approach clients where they currently are in life and assist the them in adapting and changing their circumstances.


My Style

 I view therapy as a partnership between my client and I, where I serve to help clients work through the problems — both small and large — that they may encounter in life. In sessions, I can help you to process emotions and work out your feelings, as well as drawing attention to things that could affect your progress towards regaining your peace. You will learn how to identify your emotions and the various ways they can affect your life, and vice versa. As a result of my education in social work, I strongly favor a person-centered approach to therapy in addition to using an ecological framework to understand my clients’ experiences. I use a mixed blend of therapeutic styles, including knowledge from cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and motivational interviewing(MI).




Making that first step towards improving your life can make you feel anxious, but it’s a step that you want to make. When you feel ready to begin your journey into therapy, I’m available for (50)-minute individual sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. To get an appointment or hear more information, please feel free to reach out to our main office at(706) 850 - 7041. I’m looking forward to working with you soon!