Jacquie Reis
Graduate Student Counselor

Jacquie Reis


Relief from a constellation of mental & physical reactions to hard life events is possible. If you’re experiencing emotional reactions & physical sensations, that may cause distress or perhaps confusion, I aim to provide a space for adults with diverse backgrounds & life experiences who have a desire to walk a path that affirms their authentic selves, uplifts personal values, and learns skills to self soothe in and out of the therapy room.

The therapeutic relationship is an opportunity for practicing safe connection to process life events gently yet efficiently, explore patterns that are no longer helpful, and establish a story of self that is empowering. I will provide an individually tailored approach that walks towards healing the mind & body through blending affirmative and relevant tools such as grounding techniques, movement skills, art centered processing, and further development of strengths.     


My Experience & Education 

The power of lived experience has been essential to the development of my knowledge and skills as a counselor. I have worked with survivors of intimate partner violence, college-aged people with body image concerns, individuals with complex traumas & substance misuse. You are not alone on this path. Healing is a lifelong adventure of learning, unlearning, and evolving. 

I received a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, a multi-disciplinary degree in Writing, Sociology, & Art at the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University. I am currently in my final year of my Master of Social Work at the University of Georgia. I believe that we are never done learning & growing so as the world evolves so must we.


What to Expect From Me

Our greatest strengths can be found in the company of the parts of ourselves we avoid. While working with me, I will show up in a deeply authentic way so that you may feel safe to do the same. Our work together is centered in honoring your mind & body exactly where you are. The initial sessions will focus on building safety and determining how our time together can be best spent. As a trauma-informed counselor, I prioritize a client’s feelings of safety, choice, and power. From there, we can develop an individualized plan that helps guide you towards your favorite self.


My approach honors intersecting identities and considers how a client’s full & unique lived experiences have shaped who they are. I integrate both standard talk therapy that helps to reframe thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with somatic, or body-based practices, to acknowledge how emotions and memories show up as sensations in the body. I support my practice of counseling with advocacy work for under-resourced communities such as with women who have experienced intimate partner violence, Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities, and members of the Queer community. I center clients with spiritual beliefs & cultural practices.