Abir Saberi
Graduate Student Counselor

Abir Saberi

As we navigate challenges in our lives, we all need someone to provide us support and the right tools to grow. I hope to create a space where your stories are valued, heard, and honored. Using evidence-based practices, I help individuals develop plans to connect with themselves and find their inner strengths. 

I embrace an empathetic and judgment free approach to therapy that involves genuine curiosity and willingness to deeply understand and honor cultural diversity.

My Experience:

I have always had a profound interest in stories. When I went to college, I pursued a degree in journalism with the hope to give other people the strength to share their stories. With the people I interviewed, and the stories I wrote and shared, I learned about diversity in thought and hardship. I also discovered the positive force I could be in other people's lives just by listening to them. I wanted to be more proactive in helping people, which is what brought me to this field.

I received my bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication and am pursuing my masters in social work from the University of Georgia.

What to Expect From Me:

You can expect me to be open-minded, warm, and respectful of your needs.

I will do my best to provide whatever you need most from me, whether that is solutions, affirming emotions, or just a listening ear. You can expect me to follow the plan we’ve created together and determined to be the best course of action for you.

I am available for individual counseling on Wednesday through Friday by appointment.